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Maverick Cask Club

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Maverick Cask Club

We know that we are not alone in our love for Irish whiskey, so we are opening our doors & allowing you to join us on our journey. The exclusive Maverick Cask Club gives you the opportunity to get your hands on 1 of 120 casks of small batch whiskey from 2023 production run.

Each cask is numbered, can be personalised with a message, holds a certificate of authentication and will return over 350 bottles of reserve grade 7 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. You can bottle, keep or sell on your cask depending on the best choice for you at the time. We also offer a distillery buyback if you wish to sell your Whiskey back to us with a guaranteed minimum buyback offer.

Member Benefits

Choice of cask type

Minimum yield of 350 bottles of whiskey

Blacks Buy-Back Initiative – Guaranteed Minimum Interest 31.59% (7 years)

Discounts & exclusive offers on the Blacks online store 

Access to Blacks Brewery & Distillery in Kinsale, Cork

Annual Maverick Club Gathering

Our striking copper stills, Morrigan and Bonny, were installed in 2020 and whiskey production began, 2023 will see the start of Maverick cask filling with your cask maturing in 2030. 

What you do with your liquid gold is completely up to you. When matured you could opt to bottle and sell, gift, or sip and enjoy your whiskey. If it’s a unique investment opportunity you are after you can avail of the Blacks Buy-Back initiative.

Your options on maturation

1. Bottle Your Cask

Members may choose to have the contents of their personalised Whiskey casks bottled. These unique and special edition bottles of Whiskey could be then kept for the future, resold via retail channels, exported or consumed.

2. Full Cask Exit

Members to take their complete and intact cask at the end of year seven, and keep it for future bottling, reselling, resale or export. When mature, at 7 years, you may choose to take ownership of the cask, removing it from the bonded warehouse and reselling it at a potentially appreciated value.

3. Continue to mature the spirit

Members may choose to keep the cask at the bonded warehouse for a longer period to allow it to mature further before bottling or full cask resale.

4. Blacks Buy-Back Initiative

Through the Blacks Buy-Back Initiative members are offered a unique investment opportunity which allows them to be part of the Irish whiskey making process and join a community of whiskey enthusiasts, while also guaranteeing a return on investment at the end of the seven year journey.

Members who choose this exit strategy upon maturation of their cask will receive their initial purchase amount back, plus a compound annual growth rate of 4% per year, or a total gross return of 31.59% over the seven year period.

Maverick Club Prospectus