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Distilled in our majestic copper stills Morrigan and Bonny, and matured in a variety of different cask types for a unique finish, we bring you our liquid gold.

2020 marked a huge milestone for us at Blacks, as we brought whiskey production in-house. Now milling, mashing, fermentation and distilling all take place at our distillery in Kinsale. Until our whiskey reaches maturity we will continue to source aged spirit and release new whiskeys to our customers, with our unique Blacks finish.

We know we are an extremely lucky bunch to be able to live out our passion for distilling on a daily basis, so we opened our doors to share this journey with other whiskey enthusiasts through our Blacks Whiskey Founders Club.

As the years go by, and our handcrafted Irish whiskey matures, we are excited to continue to add rare and first of a kind expressions to our portfolio.

Blacks Irish Whiskey

In our infancy as a distillery we wished to bring you our take on Irish Whiskey, which resulted in a very special, limited edition 12 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Key to a perfectly crafted whiskey is time. As a distillery starting out, time was not in our favour and therefore, in order to blend our first whiskey, we needed to source whiskey which had already been distilled and matured for a number of years.

We searched high and low across the island of Ireland until we found a small quantity of 12 year old single malt Irish whiskey which not only met our high standards for quality and taste, but exceeded them. We brought these oak barrels, carrying our precious cargo, home to Kinsale where we set about putting our Blacks stamp on our first Irish Whiskey.

Unique to Blacks is our finishing process. To create a more interesting whiskey we skipped the chill filtration step. While all Irish whiskey is filtered prior to bottling to remove particles of wood, which have accumulated during the maturation process, it is at the discretion of the distillery itself to decide whether they wish to chill filter or not. The reason for chill filtering in many whiskeys between an ABV of 40-46% is to prevent a haziness occurring in the whiskey which is caused by an accumulation of oils, esters and fatty acids. These usually occur when a whiskey is subjected to change of temperature. At Blacks we feel all these oils and esters add flavour to the whiskey so we made the decision to non chill filter and bring you this whiskey at an ABV of 46%.

There were only 618, individually numbered bottles, of this exclusive whiskey produced. However, the spirit of this whiskey lives on in Blacks Spiced Irish Rum, as we used the very oak barrels which matured our whiskey to mature Ireland’s first-ever rum.

On the nose this Irish Whiskey brings a perfect combination of peach, apple and a dash of spiced pear, which come together with some herbal and pine notes. Hints of lemon, orange and honeysuckle also form this 12 year old single malt. Blacks Irish Whiskey has a long finish, which is silk smooth and leaves you with warm notes of ginger and clove.

Blacks OPS

Black OPS is comprised of a careful blend of malt and grain whiskey. This blend was matured in extra deep charred bourbon oak barrels for an extra smooth, extra dark black whiskey. In keeping with our proven whiskey technique this blend is also non chill filtered and was bottled at 43%.

On first inspection the nose reveals a layer of sweet malt followed by toffee, prunes and vanilla. Its complex second layer of aromas may catch you by surprise as hints of hay, oak, smoke and eucalyptus charm your senses.

This is a medium bodied whiskey with initial hints of sweetness followed by nut and savoury notes. You will be left with a lengthy finish of lingering herbal notes in addition to light spice and floral flavours.

Our Perfect Serve

Blacks Dark Side of The World

40ml Black Ops Irish Whiskey

30ml Blacks World's End Imperial Stout

20ml Strong Coffee (Chilled)

10 ml Simple Syrup

Coffee Beans

Dark Chocolate Shavings

Place all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker or large jar with a lid

Dry shake for 10 to 15 seconds

Add ice & shake vigorously for a further 10 to 15 seconds

Fine strain your mixture into a chilled martini glass

To serve, garnish with two coffee beans & dark chocolate shavings

Sip & enjoy your journey to the Dark Side of the World!

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Founders Club

Join the Whiskey Founders Club, invest in a cask & take your place in Irish Whiskey history.  

When your cask is matured you can sell, gift, or sip and enjoy your whiskey. If it’s purely an investment opportunity you’re after you can avail of the Blacks Buy-Back initiative, where we will buy your cask back with interest.