Innovation, Character, Quality

12th March 2018

​First up, it’s been about 8 months since I did a blog entry and instead of cringing with embarrassment, I will commit to two things moving forward, monthly blog posts, and at the end of each post a hint about what you can expect next month.
Today I want to start with a glimpse of my vision of what’s key to growing our brands and why working for Blacks Brewery and Distillery has been such a fun and rewarding experience so far.




Lets kick off with one of my buzz words at the moment “ Innovation”. According to the Oxford English dictionary the word originates from Latin – Middle English and is defined as “ the action or process of innovating” “ a new method, idea, product” followed by a quote “innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization” BINGO!

​So how does this relate to us at Blacks? ( here comes the sales pitch) One of the advantages of being a small business, is the ability to innovate relatively quickly without the bureaucracy that can sometimes be attributed to larger organisations and as a result, we can get super interesting, very creative new products to market soon after conception. 2018 has gladly been such a year with a number of firsts in the irish drinks industry for Blacks…….Boom!
In spring this year we launched Blacks Spiced Irish Rum and we are proud to say that it’s the first rum to be fermented,distilled and barrel aged in Ireland. That’s quite a feat considering we have been distilling Ireland for 1000 Years…… Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Other innovations this year include “Super Dry” Brut IPA and as far as we can tell, Blacks Brewery were the first in the UK and Ireland to produce this specific Sub Style, Pineapple weed Botanical IPA and Liquid Gold IPA ( just check the Facebook Link, it’s pretty Bling Bling)
Video Link

Next timeout we will talking about character and how bringing personality and identity to our brand is key in the challenge of differentiation.

Also You can now buy our Gin, Rum and Whiskey Online in the Europe, UK, USA and Australia and many other places!