Whiskey Flights


Whiskey 1: Blacks Black Ops Blended Whiskey 43% 


This beautiful spirit is a wonderful blend of sherry and bourbon cask matured whiskies that have been finished in extra deep charred bourbon barrels to impart a rich dark colour.

On first inspection the nose reveals a layer of sweet malt followed by toffee, prunes and vanilla, something like a faint memory of sticky toffee pudding.   A complex second  level of aromas may catch you by surprise as hints of Hay, Oak, Eucalyptus and Smoke charm your senses.

On the Palate,Medium body with an initial touch of sweetness followed by nut and savory notes.

Finish; Nice length with lingering herbal and light spicy and floral flavours.


Whiskey 2 : Blacks Pieces of 8 Cask Series – Maple Syrup cask Finish 43%

Last year we got our hands on some incredible maple Syrup Casks from Vermont USA. These oak casks had Bourbon in them before going on to hold the Maple Syrup. As flavour mavericks in the industry we knew we wanted to experiment with these casks and put some high end 8 year old single malt whiskey through them. The outcome could only be amazing!

Nose : A sweet introduction as warm sugar notes with hints of smoke, vanilla, maple caramel and baked prunes demand your attention. 

Palate: A smooth oily mouthfeel coats the cheeks as flavours of Maple coated nuts, cinnamon pancakes and spice develop further.

Finish: A medium finish as maple, oaky wood and smoke lingers


Whiskey 3: Blacks Pieces of 8 Cask Series – Black IPA Beer Cask Finish 43%

This Black IPA beer cask finished Single Malt showcases the amazing flavours that come to life when Brewery meets Distillery.

This Ex Bourbon Cask was seasoned for just over 9 months with Black IPA before we emptied and refilled with incredible 8 year old Single Malt Whiskey.

Nose Expect Citrus fruits, pine and berry notes to be suddenly ambushed by cocoa and liquorice and beautiful roasted maltiness. 

Palate. Milk chocolate and raisins coat the mouth that might remind you of a classic picnic bar 

The Hopiness of the Black IPA makes its way from the cask straight to your glass. 



Whiskey 4: Pieces of 8 Cask Series – Worlds End Chocolate and Vanilla Imperial Stout  Cask Finish 43%

This delicate 8 year Old single malt was matured in ex bourbon barrels before being finished in barrels that previously held our chocolate and vanilla Russian Imperial Stout – Worlds End.

 Nose – Welcomed by initial aromas of stone fruits and a vanilla malt sweetness.

Palate – A light fruity mouthfeel gives way to underlying notes of brown sugar, baked green apple, sweet custard and chocolate dusted crème brûlée. A white pepper spice later moves to the forefront of the palate.

Finish– A medium finish as some complexity of oak, chocolate coated fruit and spice develop.